How to Watch YouTube Videos without Internet

Youtube has become a platform where users use it not only to watch videos but also to enjoy music. I will tell you how you can watch videos without internet on Youtube.

If you like a video on Youtube and you want to watch it without the Internet, then you have to use the new features of Youtube. With the help of Youtube’s offline feature, you can download any video you like and watch it offline. Once you download the video, you will watch the video as many times as you will not spend your data. It is important to note that this method will work on the same video, which has been allowed to be downloaded from the producer’s side. So, know about these methods.

Go to the YouTube app and tap on the video of your choice. Below the video, you will see the option of Download, touch on it.

After downloading the video, the video will start downloading. Here Youtube will ask you about the quality of Download Video, which you can set according to your liking.

How to Watch YouTube Videos without Internet

After scrolling down the notification bar, you will be able to see the size and download status of the video.

As soon as the video gets downloaded, you will see a notification for the video being downloaded in the Notification bar.

You will see the Downloaded option of blue colour below the video of your choice, which means that your video has been downloaded.

How to Watch YouTube Videos without Internet

Now to watch this video without internet, you have to go to YouTube’s Library. There you will see the option of available offline, tap on it.

You will see the downloaded video. You can now see it without internet. Also, these Videos are available only for 30 days.

Also, there are too many 3rd party offline Video downloader software and applications available. Keep in mind that you download the same video from YouTube which is copyright free. You can download the video only if there is no objection to the person who created the video.

With those third-party applications and software, you can download videos in any format and up to Full HD resolution. Also, you can convert those video into MP3.

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