ViewSonic launched two brand new products – PA503s & XG2402

ViewSonic a leading global brand for visual solutions focusing on display-centric product offerings that include LED monitors, projectors, commercial display and cloud computing solutions. ViewSonic is an American brand founded in 1987, headquartered in Brea, California, USA. They have more than 30 offices around the world and their products are sold in more than 125 countries.

ViewSonic has been a market leader and boasts of the latest available visual technologies in the market for over two and a half decades. They are constantly innovating and developing brand new technologies to provide visual solution products to its consumers.

 ViewSonic has recently launched brand new products such as the PA503s and XG2402.

PA503s – Projector

PA503s Viewsonic projectorThis projector is Built for corporate and educational applications, ViewSonic is launching new PA5 Series projectors. Currently one of the PA 5 series model PA503s is available since the 1st week of November. The PA503s model projectors will enhance higher brightness up to 3,600 lumens, providing bright images in any environment, including rooms with high ambient light. In addition, the lamp life is extended up to 15,000 hours on average, lowering the total cost of ownership, and providing an energy-efficiency projection solution.

These projectors will feature 3500 to 3600 lumens of brightness and include SVGA, XGA and WXGA resolutions. Higher brightness combined with a high contrast ratio of 22,000:1 ensures that PA5 Series projectors project bright, crisp images in any environment, even in brightly lit environments.

Users can choose different lamp mode to extend the lamp’s lifespan. When Power Saving setting is on and without any signal input, the projector will automatically switch to Eco Mode and SuperEco Mode. Under SuperEco mode, projected images are dimmed to 70%, extending the lamp’s lifespan to 15,000 hours on average, which means that lamp maintenance is less frequent, keeping the costs and the amount of time spent on projector lamp maintenance low.

Price of PA503: RS 35,000/-

XG2402 – LED Monitor

Viewsonic XG2402 - LED Monitor

This new series of LED Monitors provides gamers with a highly customizable experience with competitive level performance. The XG2402 have been designed with a more gaming friendly low profile base that allows for the flexible keyboard placement popular among FPS players. In addition to the super-smooth visuals achieved via the 144Hz refresh rate, 1-millisecond response, and AMD FreeSync support, the XG2402 improve upon the success of previous competitive gaming models with the most customizable viewing options on the market and specialized gaming presets.

Offering preset modes tailored to different game types as well as ViewSonic’s ColorX, which is a fine-tuned color and performance preset for vastly improved in-game vision and reduced motion blur. Additional customization options such as five levels of response, 22 levels of black stabilization, and more, give gamers the ultimate control over in-game visuals. The 24-inch XG2402 is the successor of the highly rated ViewSonic XG2401, which was popular within the competitive gaming community. Aesthetically speaking, ViewSonic’s RampageX lighting feature on the back of the monitor is the most prominent upgrade to the new model. XG2402 is the first ViewSonic monitor to feature RampageX, which radiates a red glow onto your gaming station and can be used to accent RGB peripherals.

Price of XG2402: RS.29,999/-

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