Sharp launched World’s first Air Purifier with mosquito catcher

New Delhi: SHARP, Indian market leader in innovative air purification devices has been facilitating to purify the indoor air with its line of innovative air purifiers. The company recently launched the world’s first air purifier with mosquito catcher – FP-FM40E to control mosquito infestations that cause vector-borne diseases.This unique, super-efficient device combines Sharp’s exclusive patented Plasmacluster ion technology and

This unique, super-efficient device combines Sharp’s exclusive patented Plasmacluster ion technology and a non-toxic mosquito-catching mechanism to remove both micro and macroscopic pollutants present in indoor air. It traps pesky insects like mosquitoes as a preventive measure from mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Yellow fever and Zika virus.


With its chemical-free 5 step mosquito-catching mechanism, the purifier effectively captures mosquitoes and fruit flies. It boasts a stylish black exterior with the tiny entrance on both sides to entice nearing mosquitoes. The UV lights attract mosquitoes which are captured by powerful air suction that traps them on a strong glue sheet.

Using negative ions, Sharp Air Purifiers help to clean and refresh the contaminated indoor air by deactivating mold, viruses, bacteria and neutralizing VOCs and toxic gases. Equipped with true HEPA filter, the purifiers can capture 99.97% of air particles like smoke, dust, and pollen which is as small as 0.03 microns.

Why We Need to Be Air Conscious-

“Air & Water, the two most essential fluids on which all of life depends, have become global garbage cans”, as quoted by Jacques Cousteau.

Humans or any other living creature are a part of this large cosmos and there is a continuous interaction between our body and the surrounding/environment at the subatomic levels which is generally not in our knowledge.

To make it simpler, our body is made up of five elements – Prithvi, Akash, Jal, Vayu & Agni, out of which the most basic elements, Jal (Water) and Agni (Food) to a certain extent is in our control, however in the case of Vayu (Air) the scenario is totally different, as the consumption of AIR is continuous and dependent on the surroundings. If the surrounding is bad, the air we consume will certainly cause irreversible damage.

We consciously take measures while breathing inside a Hospital, Toilet or near a garbage dump, though we blissfully ignore the poor quality of consumption in other Indoor spaces like homes, offices or public places.

Of the total volume of AIR that we breathe, 85% to 90% are Indoor. The energy-efficient mindset leads to decreased ventilation thus increasing the proliferation of micro-organisms, odor retention, and give off VOC’s. Mould and fungi grow in damp and unventilated areas.

If we become conscious about the quality of the air we consume, we can reduce the volume of pollutants entering our body and therefore mitigate the damage which will result in less inflammation and reduced sick days.

Why are children falling sick more often than adults?

“Moments after their birth, children are exposed to highly polluted Indoor Air. Like all other organs and body parts, the respiratory tract is most sensitive in children. These pollutants/irritants settle on the respiratory tract, creating Airway inflammation, lowered immunity and constriction. Ongoing exposure to these polluted environments may also reach a stage where viral infections, chronic cough, breathlessness, asthma and respiratory allergies become common among children in growing years and in exposed adults too” commented Dr. Sitesh Roy, a reputed US Board certified Allergist, Immunologist and Asthma Specialist practicing in Mumbai.

Can Asthma symptoms be reduced by improving Indoor Air Quality?

“We see a large number of Asthma attacks occurring indoors! Asthma is constriction of airway due to the presence of irritants/allergens in the air we breathe. Reducing exposure to such irritants/allergens indoors can definitely result in the reduction in Asthma attacks without depending too much only on medications which control/ suppress the symptoms but with their occasional side effects” added Dr. Roy.

Here are some easy and important tips to maintaining a healthy Indoor Air


  • Declare your home/ Office Smoke Free
  • Cross Ventilate your home for at least 5 hours each day
  • Refrain from using fragrances or burning scented/non scented candles to conceal odors
  • Use mosquito net instead of a chemical repellant
  • Use of an Air Purifier must be done after verifying claims through global certification for safety and effectiveness.
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