Note 3 Black variant unveiled by Coolpad on FanS Meetup Highlights

Chairman at Note 3 Launch

Note 3 Black Highlights

CoolPad Company invited their fans on 5th December for their Fans Meetup, and surprisingly launched Note 3 Black variant of India’s Most demanding device Coolpad Note3 which was previously available in white variant. CoolPad’s Chairman Mr. GUO Deying Unveiled this mystery box for their special fans. The Coolpad launched Coolpad Note 3 Black variant on the Demand of their customers, ” This shows how company is focusing on customers need”. CoolPad don’t need any explanation its product explains how cool the company and their device is.

Coolpad’s Vice president Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, followed the launch and participated with fans in various activities.

VP at Note 3 Black launch

Dr. Luo and Indian CEO Mr. Syed Tajuddin followed the demands of their Users and Fans, and arranged this amazing Fan Meetup in which all the team which was behind the making of CoolPad. The fan meetup was followed by the questionnaire session for the fans, at the entry each fan was free to write their questions on a piece of paper and whole the question was answered by the related technical person.

A Question raised by me about

“What technological Innovation Coolpad’s team is focusing?”

Coolpad team announced about the new innovation on this Fan Meetup ” Soon they going to launch a Dual Operating system gadget For their users”. This is amazing how a company announces their future thinking with their fans on the spot, this shows the spirit of a COOL team.



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Note 3 Black winner

The Fan Meetup was followed with various activities and giveaways. Coolpad team provided 5 giveaways of Coolpad Note3 black variant signed by Chairman Mr. GUO Deying. 5 lucky fans got this amazing black variant of Coolpad note3. Coolpad Note3 was provided to 2 Super-fans of Coolpad, 1 to the winner of dart contest in which Mr. Luo was  blindfolded and task was to throw dart on board having Some selected pictures of fans were on the board. Another
activity followed with the giveaway of power bank to the fans. All Coolpad Fans enjoyed participating and indulging in these overwhelming activities.


Coolpad team at Note 3 Black launch

Along with Fans, Coolpad whole team enjoyed this success of Coolpad’s innovation. Not only phone the whole team of CoolPad is Cool. They all joined Fans on the dance floor. Coolpad promised their fans, they will join fans in every aspect of their need. A great company Focusing on Great Innovation, Providing customers satisfaction about services.

Hope To see More Innovative Ideas from this amazing company for Fans. Hope To see more Fan Meetups for Indian Fans from Coolpad’s side.

For specifications of Coolpad Note3 Black version click on following links

Coolpad Note3 Black Edition

Specifications Coolpad note3

Some Moments Spent with Coolpad team

IMG_20151205_205852 IMG_20151205_211657 IMG_20151205_204005 IMG_20151205_203535 IMG_20151205_195419 IMG_20151205_201843

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