Medikabazaar kick-started an Innovative Ecosystem for Medical Devices Startups

The ‘Golden Age’ for Medical devices start-ups in India has well and truly arrived, and India is witnessing its age-old talent for entrepreneurship being unleashed like never before. The startup segment in the Medicall device industry strengthens fortifies and drives the growth of the sector which presently is heavily dependent on import curbs.  However, there is still a gap between the innovation and the communication within the start-up ecosystem. To bridge that gap, Medikabazaar, India’s largest B2B online marketplace for medical supplies initiated a platform to enable discussions, meetings, networking and awareness among the Indian medical devices startups at Medicall expo held from 21st to 23rd September 2018 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The expo also witnessed India’s first ever 3D medical device experience center which offers free dedicated space for over a period of 1 year to showcase the demo unit. The AMTZ and Medikabazaar’s Biomedical engineers’ team were trained on giving a demo of the product to the prospective buyers. Approximately, 75 -100 business visitors attended the expo each day to this center.

The budding enterprises present at the expo showcased their indigenously designed innovative medical products which further enabled them to expand their outreach among various sectors in the Indian medical industry. The exhibitors also got an opportunity to express and share their expertise and perspectives directly with the healthcare, investor and academician fraternity. Presently, Medical Devices enterprises are the stardom because of the constant breakthrough innovation and rise in the Medical Devices sector.

Vivek Tiwari, Founder, and CEO of Medikabazaar said, “Medical devices start-ups, precisely have continued to showcase idiosyncratic, unique and contemporary innovations which have gradually borne fruition, especially this year.  At Medikabazaar, we know the trials and tribulations a startup faces in the path to success. We have walked that path ourselves. Therefore, we have taken this initiative to support and nurture medical devices startups so that they can develop and work towards making a positive change in the Indian medical devices industry.”

This expo concluded on 23rd September, however, the startups’ attendees will continue to showcase their innovations24*7, 365 days a year at Medikabazaar’s online portal.

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  1. Very nice gesture ….

    It takes lot of passion, zeal and commitment to work with startups.

    Wish many Entrepreneurs come forward like this to work with budding young entrepreneurs..

    What is ailing young entrepreneurs is the go to mkt focus . Young medical device Innovators can’t go through the layers and layers of distribution networks created in healthcare space which is actually choking them..

    They need help to reach end customers faster.

    It’s a nice gesture that Medika Bazaar has come forward to extend the helping hand to young Innovators.

    Creating a connected ecosystem is not easy.

    Very nice initiative by MedikaBazaar Bazaar.

    Wish they will come forward many such initiatives in future….

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