Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones With Mic Review

Leaf wireless earphones are designed and assembled in India by a group of IIT Delhi students, and according to them, they have come up with earphones that offer five times the quality of big brand earphones like SkullCandy and Sennheiser and cost much less than them. As OEMs are now removing headphone jack from smartphones, Bluetooth Headphones with Mic have become important. Leaf Ear wireless earphone is an in-ear type Bluetooth headphone with mic. If you are looking to buy one, here is my review to help you decide whether you should buy it or not.

We tested Leaf earphones with OnePlus5, Samsung Note 8, iPhone 7 Plus and few other phones to see how much good it is. Based on my experience, I am writing the full review of Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones.

Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones With Mic Review

Leaf wireless earphones are priced at Rs. 2499. At this price, it offers a Unique masculine/neutral design, Impressive sound quality, Build in Microphone, Extra earbuds, 8 hours non-stop usage.

Here are the things you get in this box:

leaf wireless bluetooth earphones inside the box

  • Leaf wireless Earphone
  • Carrying Case with Leaf Branding logo. That is pretty good in look and quality.
  • 3 Size Earplugs ( or ) Earbuds with Extra ear hooks.
  • Micro USB Charging Cable.
  • Paperwork.

It is in-ear Headphone with good design. The silicone gel earbuds offer comfortable wearing experience. The cable is flat to make it free from tangles and knots. The quality of this cable is excellent, and it is also long enough to use comfortably.

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It comes with the On-earpiece control board. You can see Power/Play button on the outer side of the Right earpiece. There are two more keys on the same earpiece to adjust volume or to change the Music. There is also a micro USB port to charge it. Here, you see a tiny LED light which is too small to notice initially. It could be little bigger. When you turn it on and connects, this LED blinks and headphone also say ‘Connected’ to notify you. In the left one, it has a microphone.

leaf wireless bluetooth earphones in ear

It fits in ears comfortably and stays there. Be that as it may, finding the best fit is imperative, and it might require investment since you get a variety of earbuds to try. I tried this during exercises and running. It never slips out if you use with an immaculate fit earbud.

If I talk about audio quality, it is the main thing we look in an earphone. The music quality is really impressive. Considering the cost and features, I am completely inspired by its music quality. The sound is clear and sufficiently loud to give you best experience. It has the ideal balancing of bass, treble, and beats. At most high volume, quality of sound corrupts. But overall it is great. I tried a lot of songs and found it great.

Bluetooth range is not soo long, and you may begin getting disturbance when you go 10-12 meters away, and the device is not in coordinate sight.

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If we talk about the battery, it is packed up with 75 mAh battery which takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged. Battery life of this earphone is also good, and you can easily get around 7-8 hours of music playback with a full charge.

The feature I liked the most of this headphone is its dual pairing. You can connect two devices at the same time. When you are listening to music from laptop and your phone rings, it pauses music and connects to call.

Verdict- Leaf wireless earphones

Music quality is good for the price it comes. Build quality is also good, and support for High-quality music streaming over Bluetooth is awesome. It could be better if it comes with Waterproofing. If you do not have a high budget, but want to have a good Bluetooth earphone with mic for daily usage, Earphone by leaf is one of the best options you can go with.

Price & Availability of Leaf Wireless Earphones

Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphone is priced at Rs. 2499 and available on Amazon. It comes with 3 years of replacement warranty which gives full protection to the customer. Leaf earphones are available in Carbon Black, Cool Blue, Neon Green Colors. For more product details, visit –

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  1. I have bought one of it….but i am little bit confused that how can i know that it is completely changed and i’ve to remove it from charging…??

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