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How to find the largest files on your USB flash drive

Even though USB flash drive memory has improved vastly in the last decade – from sizes like 64MB to 128GB – space on your flash drive is not infinite. If you fill up your flash drive with enough data, you’ll be left scratching your head, trying to figure out which file to delete. Opening your USB drive to find thousands of files can be overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure which ones are eating up your precious space.

This used to happen to me all the time before I discovered a very nifty tool called WinDirStat. Before you go any further just know this… WinDirStat is a free tool, it doesn’t have any ads, it won’t sign you up for any email blasts, and it has no malware. In fact, this tool has been in use for over a decade! I recommend it because it is incredibly easy to use and instills in just a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve downloaded the tool, pop it open and select your drive. This tool also works with the hard drive on your PC or any other connected drives. For the purpose of this post we’ll be using the USB drive we have connected.

Once you are connected, the tool will start running. There are 3 sections:

  • A windows file explorer to browse files
  • A list of the largest files by file type
  • And a graphic representation of the largest files.

You can click on any of the squares to see the large files, and it will show you what it is.

You can select the file and delete it, move it or even rename it. The tool also gives you lots of other information, such as the date of the last file change, the number of subdirectories in a folder, and the number of files in a folder.

You can dig deep into the filesystem to find hard-to-reach files with ease that you may have forgotten about…

We recommend that you use WinDirStat if you are using a flash drive with a large number of files.

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