Galaxy S7 still ahead of iPhone 7.

In 2016 we have both Apple and Samsung lead smartphones accessible to purchase, but which is better? There is only one way to discover and that is our iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 comparison review.

In this way, first of all, we will examine about what we get:-


The Samsung’s S7 is one of the most attractive smartphones available in the market in four color variants – Silver Titanium, White Pearl, Gold Platinum, and Black Onyx, which has truly a flawless, complex look about it. The Galaxy S7 offers a glass front and back bound together by a aluminium metal casing and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, making its weight 152g.

On the other hand, the iPhone 7 is accessible in 5 color variants: Silver, Rose Gold and Gold and two brand new colors. A matte-dark finish joined the iPhone 7 line-up, and in addition a lustrous Jet Black.This lustrous Black color of the iPhone 7 looks incredible despite the fact that it’s a magnet for fingerprints and numerous have reported that it scratches easily. The iPhone 7 weighs 138g – 14g less than the Samsung.

Coming to the earphone jack to complete this section, it’s seemingly the greatest design change for the iPhone. Now you can no more simply plug in a pair of regular earphones to listen to music. You’ll have to utilize Lightning perfect earphones, wireless ones or utilize the included connector. If that all sounds like an excessive amount of hassle then the Galaxy S7 is the way forward in this comparison.


The Galaxy S7 has a higher level of waterproofing protection than the iPhone 7, The Galaxy S7 has a rating of IP68 so you can take it to depths of more than 1.5m, additionally for up to 30 minutes.

On the other hand, iPhone 7 has a rating of IP67 which implies you to dunk it in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.In genuine terms, they will both survive a dunking in the toilet and a substantial rain shower.


If we talk about Display we get a 5.1 inches and 4.7 inches Display individually on Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7, Here comes huge contrasts in both Displays, Galaxy S7 has Got eye getting a Super Amoled QHD Display with 2,560×1,440 resolution with 577 ppi Pixel Density, which is noticibly much superior to anything what Apple Offers, A LED-Backlit IPS LCD Display with Resolution of 750*1334 with 326 ppi Pixel Density.

Both Offers Great Protection for Display, which are best accessible in the Market. Samsung Offers Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Protection and Apple offers Ion-fortified glass with Oleophobic Coating.

The Only Advantage We get in the Display of iPhone 7 is 3D Touch, Apple is Using This Technology from couple of years back. We didn’t find it much valuable in our every day life utilization.

At the end, the iPhone 7’s display looks better then Apple’s past handsets, yet its LCD technology isn’t exactly a match for the Super AMOLED tech on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


Operating system is quite a personal thing thus you’ll need to pick the operating system which suits you. This will rely on upon what phones you’ve used in the past and what other equipment you have. On the off chance that you as of now have a Mac or some kind then there are advantages to getting an iPhone, for example, sharing documents and messages between them effortlessly.

At the end, Android and iOS are the two best mobile operating system and each have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Galaxy S7 supports Multi-window so can run two applications next to each other at the same time which the iPhone 7 can’t. As said before, the iPhone 7 has 3D Touch so you can put push the screen to get more alternatives and so on.


Speed is always a key which provide ground for any top-end smartphone, and Samsung’s S7 is by a long shot the fastest Android handset I’ve used so far. Packed by one of Samsung’s octa-core 2.3GHz Exynos 8890 chips and 4GB of RAM, the S7 outperforms practically every other Android handset right now available in the market. However, the iPhone 7’s new A10 Fusion chip barely edges it, and on our Geekbench tests it scored 5,652 to the Galaxy S7’s  5,295. It is really self-evident, that Single Core Performance matters more than Multicore Performance and Snapdragon 820 Knocked out in both Single core and Multicore Performance.

One thing is worth remarkable here is, Samsung is offering just Exynos Version in India.Which Performed much superior to Snapdragon 820 Version in all Tests.


The iPhone 7 has at last killed of the wretched 16GB model. It has stopped to be. It is an ex-storage option.

Instead, it’s currently offered in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB versions with 2 GB of RAM, which is incredible news – unless you’re after a 64GB model. Yet still a uplifting news for media hoarders

The S7 on the other hand, is just accessible in 32GB and 64GB versions packed with 4 GB of RAM and the great point is S7 supports microSD card – a much cheaper way to achieve higher storage levels compared to forking out for a high limit iPhone.

In iPhone, 2 GB of RAM, Seriously  I don’t Understand the purpose of giving 2GB of RAM in a Ultra High Range of Smartphone.It neither looks coherently or Technically Correct, as It will impact, on the off chance that you convey an excessive number of tasks in Your Phone.


Both, Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 offers 12 Mega Pixels Rear Camera. Be that as it may, as All of us Know, Pixels Count is not Everything in Camera Quality.

Lets discuss those Factors..

Galaxy S7 has 26mm wide Lens, though iPhone 7 Offers 28mm wide Lens.

Galaxy S7 has Sensor Size of 1/2.5″ though iPhone 7 Offers 1/3″.

Galaxy S7 can do Image Recording at 9MP, though iPhone have the capacity of 8MP to do likewise.

Galaxy S7 has 5 Mega Pixels Front facing Camera with 22mm wide Lens, though iPhone 7 Offers 7 Mega Pixels Camera with 32mm wide Lens.

On Paper iPhone looks Better here, however, all things considered, execution, you can’t see any distinction here as well..

On the off chance that we discuss Front confronting Camera, 22mm wide focal point looks more Practical than 32mm.

It’s safe to say that iPhone 7’s camera is much better than before, yet the Samsung Galaxy S7 still beats it.


Here, both offers awesome Inbuilt Speakers which offers great sound experience.

If we talk about its Headphone jack, This is bad in some ways, and great in others, depending upon your point of view. It’s great as in you can now plug active noise cancelling headphones straight forwardly into your iPhone, invalidating the requirement for a massive battery pack.

It’s likewise clearly bad, because none of your standard 3.5mm jack-toting earphones and cables will work. The S7, obviously, doesn’t have this issue. 

Given the greater part of that, the Galaxy S7 ahead thanks for holding its earphone jack and make it more helpful for more individuals in general.


Samsung is Offering preety fast Fingerprint Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Compass, Barometer and Heart Rate Monitor.

And on other hand, Apple is Offering Fingerprint Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Compass and Barometer.

Here, iPhone doesn’t have Heart Rate Monitor, which is important in today’s everyday life for the fitness lovers.


Galaxy S7 Offers 3000 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which Gives talktime of Upto 22 hours and Upto 62 hours of Music Play.

iPhone 7 Offers only 1960 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which does not give that much good backup.. It Gives Upto 14 hours of talktime and Upto 40 hours of Music Play.

Fundamentally, Galaxy S7 offers just about 1 and half times more Backup in Comparison to iPhone 7, in spite of having a QHD Display, which ordinarily battery hungry. Samsung has truly buckled down on Battery backup Department..


Samsung offers Fast charging, and i have tested that, The fast charging adapter which can charge the 60%  battery in 30 minutes. It will charge your 3000 mAh Battery 0 to 100% in roughly 2 hours. It also offers Wireless Charging.

On the other hand, iPhone does not offer these facilities. It will take roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge 1,960 mAh battery to 100%.

Which means, you will get better battery backup in practically same Charging time, Enjoying a Super Amoled QHD Display.


Galaxy S7 comes in 3 Colors, Black Onyx, White Pearl, Silver Titanium and Gold Platinum, Its 32 GB Varient is Available at 43,400 INR.

iPhone 7 likewise comes in 5 Colors, Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Its 32 GB Varient is Priced at 60,000 INR, 128 GB Varient is Priced at 70,000 INR and 256 GB Varient is Priced at 80,000 INR which is too high as compare to Samsung Galaxy s7.


Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 has a few changes on its predecessor like the better camera, it’s very little of a upgrade by any means (and at a higher cost than before). And in that many individuals will discover the absence of an earphone jack in iPhone7, the Galaxy S7 gives an all round better smartphone for less cash.
Now you will have to Decide, what you will get if you spend around 17 to 37,000 more cash to get the iPhone 7, You will get less powerful battery, less powerful and not any more innovative battery charging technology, less capable display, more powerful Front Facing Camera, No Heart Rate Monitor.

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  1. No doubt Samsung is really good but again the question arises about battery ?? And yes site is really good for reviews and information…

  2. Judging on specifications alone, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 pulls ahead of the iPhone 7 on both its display and built-in camera.

  3. And as Samsung gets ready to launch Galaxy Note 7 and Apple’s plans to unveil the iPhone 7 get closer, the Korean tech giant is still leading the way as far as flagship handset sales are concerned in the U.S.

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