Fear of Facts provokes Xiaomi to slam Technical Guruji

Tech industry is becoming a new and strong platform for everybody making people keen about upcoming tech and the criticism. From the recent controversy between Technical Guruji and Xiaomi and it’s quite interesting how the facts are being neglected between this so-called cold war situation.

Technical Guruji AKA Gaurav Chaudhary is a well-known name in India’s online tech community. He becomes India’s most popular Tech YouTuber, In a remarkable time span of just 3 years, he has earned an audience in millions. He hand’s on smartphones & gadgets mainly smartphones and create unboxing videos. Also, Technical Guruji never reviews any smartphones, like he just shares his first impression and some facts about the particular devices. Recently Samsung invited Technical guruji to unveil Samsung’s new mobiles line-up called M-series at a launch event, and that’s where it all began. 

A recent tweet from the Xiaomi’s Global Vice President and India Managing Director Mr. Manu Kumar Jain said “Ironical to see tech bloggers get up on stage at product launches, talking all great things about the product (maybe influenced by monetary payment). As a reviewer, users depend on you, to be honest, & open about any product. How can this be termed as ‘unbiased’ media?”

Manu’s tweet didn’t have the name Gaurav or the Technical Guruji channel, but its timing makes us clear who was being referred to. Well, this one tweet did a fair job of dragging Technical Guruji in this controversy of being a part of the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy M series.

But let’s just look at the other side of the story. This is the era of digital influencers and it’s a great way of promotions but why this troubled Xiaomi’s global VP Manu Kumar Jain now?

Reputed Tech reviewers like Rajiv Makhni have been a glittering part of Vivo, Honor, Oppo phones Launch event but nobody was bothered about it? Every other brand takes the support of influencers and even Xiaomi do the same by gifting t-shirts to wear for promotion then what’s wrong this time? Well, all of it seems like false marketing instead of protesting.

We all know Xiaomi is the leading smartphone brand in the mid-range segment and Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. When Vivo launched its Vivo Nex with the motorized front camera, Xiaomi had no competition for it so it was okay for Manu Kumar Jain back then but, now since Samsung has launched its all-new affordable M series which is a great risk for Xiaomi, the same practice of influencing is not digestible for Xiaomi anymore.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform
Source: Qualcomm Official Website

Now some people would say that the Redmi Note 7 have few one of a kind features like its 48MP camera but, it is necessary to know that Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 features a 48MP ISOCELL camera sensor manufactured by Samsung which works on the pixel binning technology, it is a good upgrade on the camera but the native resolution images one can get is 12MP as that’s what this sensor is made for. Also, the device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 which doesn’t support the 48MP camera.

A reviewer should bring the right facts in front of the audience which some brands are afraid about and that’s what happened next. Technical Guruji published a video of a bend test of Redmi Note 7 but, everything was covered up in the ongoing conspiracy.

Xiaomi provides great smartphones at an even greater price point but there must be compromises somewhere. It’s been a history of Xiaomi devices getting catastrophically failed in previous bend tests by JerryRigEverything, a famous Youtuber who only tests the durability of the smartphones and here’s a summary of Xiaomi devices built quality.

Therefore the build quality of Redmi Note 7 is no surprise at all.

But the tweets of Manu Kumar Jain are doing a fair job of hiding the facts which they should be feared about.

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