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Invoice Station: An easy to use and affordable invoicing software

If you own and run a business that’s centered around clients, products, and services, then a good invoicing and billing software is the key to your success.

To understand what makes invoicing an important part of your business, we need to explain briefly what it is: An invoice is a systematic record of the products and services you have provided to your customers in exchange for money.

Generating business invoices could be a time-consuming process, but that doesn’t mean you can skip it entirely, especially if do not want to run your business with financial loss.

A properly designed invoice created on Invoice Station helps businesses get paid on time and provide legal protection for both parties. Also, in case you got audited by the internal revenue services you can show your invoices as an evidence of your reported income.

Businesses of all types can use Invoice Station, such as small shops (mobile, retail, manufacturing), service businesses (architecture, medical, attorneys, designers), freelancers, and more

Invoice Station is a well designed invoicing software that provides ready to use invoice templates, which you can customize in minutes. It lets you create, send and manage invoices. In addition, it includes several other key features such as expenses, payments, projects, clients, services/products, making it suitable for any small business use.

You can easily keep track of your invoices, send them quickly to your clients, and see which have been paid in full and if any remain to be paid. This way you can invoice your customers with professional looking invoices right from your browser. There is nothing to install and you can use Invoice Station from any computer, laptop, or mobile device with an internet connection.

A great feature, which I found quite intriguing, was the Dashboard page, which shows the financial health of your business via lifetime, monthly, and daily stats. This tells you how your business is doing and what financial aspects you need to change in order to increase your profits.

Everything is designed so cleanly that you don’t spend much time learning how to use it, because it resembles some of the great software of our generation, which we are so accustomed to using. Easy, light, and incredibly fast to the touch.

Using Invoice Station for the first time

Right after registering, you are presented with a form to update your company information, which you only have to do once. You can update your legal details, address, registration numbers, phone, email, and any other information that is relevant to your business.

Using Invoice Station

After you are done updating your company information, you can add any Taxes relevant to your region where your business operates legally. These taxes will appear automatically on any new invoice you create.

Customizing your invoice is also highly relevant as it can look and feel exactly as you need it. You can customize its currency by adding any symbol that is relevant to your country’s monetary regulations ($, €, ₹, ¥…). Also, date can be formatted, as well as how you want your total amounts to look on your final invoice.

Creating your first Invoice

Starting with your first invoice, after setting up your company information, is fairly easy. At first, I thought I might not be able to do it and wish there was some video explaining the entire process, but after I started, I managed to do it very quickly without any assistance.

These are my takeaways from creating my first invoice:

  • You can create new clients (and projects, if relevant) as you are creating your invoice. So you don’t have to leave the page.
  • You can change and adjust the invoice date (even backwards for older invoices).
  • Invoice numbers are automatically incremental, so each new invoice is one number above the previous one. This is great as I do not have to remember previous numbers.
  • You can create a new service, which will be remembered by the system to use the next time.
  • When setting up your services, you can set its default price, quantity, discounts, and relevant taxes
  • Another nice thing about this invoicing software was that you can save default “Terms and conditions” which appear on every new invoice
  • And the very best thing that I liked was that everything calculated in real-time as I was typing prices, quantities, discounts. So I could quickly adjust my final price.

I was surprised a bit why each service line had two Taxes available to add, but after speaking to the customer care team (which, by the way responded right away), they told me that some countries & industries in the world may have more than 1 tax added to a service or product. But, you don’t have to use both. You can only use one. Whatever is fit for the laws of the region where you operate.

The newly created invoice is very professional looking and I would be very comfortable sending that invoice to one of our clients.


Other features that I liked

Just sending and tracking your invoices sometimes is not enough. Any invoicing software should provide auxiliary elements that add a little more value to it. This way you may not need the services of a bookkeeper. You can do it all from Invoice Station, then when tax time comes around, you can hand everything over to your accountant.

Recording payments on Invoice Station is easy and you can assign them partially or in full to any issued invoices. This way you can always know which invoices are past due by only looking at your invoices the main page.

Managing expenses is key to understanding the overall health of your business. Also, without adding your expenses, the Dashboard page would not make sense. You can also upload receipts as payment proofs for future references.

Another great thing about expenses was that you can assign them to any vendor. If you bill your clients for projects, than you can assign expenses to any project, which you can later look at which projects are more profitable than the others.

Affordable pricing

I have seen many invoicing products and pricing is usually one thing that limits most users to go forward with upgrades. The beauty of softwares like Invoice Station is that they are offered online, which makes it really easy for them to update and great for the user since they don’t have install anything. Customers can pretty much use Invoice Station from any computer with an internet connection.

There is actually a free plan, which comes with limits, but the next upgrade is only $4.95/month or $49.50 if paid yearly (you get 2 months free with the yearly package).

However, the best plan seems to be the Essentials Package which is only $10 more per year compared to the Basics Plan. It comes at $5.95/month or $59.50/year (again with 2 free months when paid yearly). The Essentials Plan seems like a no-brainer for me because it covers everything with unlimited usage.

Their website also notes that each upgrade comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so there’s really no risk to it. They have clients all over the world, so the trust factor is another thing that is very important to Invoice Station.

Their prices are well presented inside the application, as well as inside the website. You can learn more by visiting their Pricing page.

Key things that I liked:

Simple and easy to use: I use many different applications for running my business, and Invoice Station seemed very easy to use, designed with good intentions for the user, and easy to understand, which is key when running a business when you don’t have the time to learn a new software, let alone spend more time in using it.

Organized sections: You never feel lost in this invoicing software. Every page is sectioned properly and there are only 2 levels to the navigation. You can quickly switch from page to page and find exactly what you are looking for. Example: I forgot to customize my invoice initially and I quickly found it under the “Setup” page, located on the top-right menu.

Free customer support: Customer care is really fast. Even if you have just registered. Replies are in real-time and you don’t have to wait for someone to reply to your Email. They are really quick in answering and pointing you in the correct direction. That felt really good, since most companies advertise they real-time support, but they do not actually deliver. Invoice Station and few other applications do really shine in this aspect.

Highly affordable: With everything that Invoice Station does for a small business, the Essentials Plan which currently comes at $59.50/year (or $5.95/month) is a real bargain. No other software in the market comes at this price. I am not so sure how they are able to deliver such a good package at such an affordable price, but they are covering every question I had. I would not be surprised, however, that they will increase their prices as the time goes by with the value they are delivering.

Proper statistics: Nowadays, a good invoicing software is nothing without some sort of intelligence as an added value. The Dashboard section is really useful to quickly know how your business is doing. I am sure they will add upon this section even more as I see it as a must-have tool within Invoice Station.

My Final Verdict

From the point of visiting their website, Invoice Station seems very clear and upfront about what it is. The testimonials on their website, pretty much cover what this invoicing software is all about. Pricing is very clear and positively affordable.

The application is well designed and I didn’t question many things from the point I registered. Creating an invoice is easy and you don’t have to leave the page when needing to create a new client, project, or service.

Features are exactly what a small business needs. It is not clunky, but easy to use immediately after registering. I was actually very delighted when I used it for the very first time, which means a lot, since I get to use a lot of products in my daily work.

Customer care is super fast and really kind, which in addition to their affordable pricing, makes it the perfect software for any small business owner or freelancer who needs to manage their invoices on day-to-day basis with an easy to use solution that is very accessible and light to the touch.

Invoice Station final Review

Design - 8
Features - 9
Simplicity - 10
Affordability - 10
Accessibility - 9


Total Score

Invoice Station is an easy to use invoicing software that is affordable and easy to the eye. It's the perfect fit for any small business owner that wants to run their finances in an organized manner. We highly recommend it as a go-to solution for invoicing and day-to-day finance management.

User Rating: 4.5 ( 2 votes)
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