Blueair Launches New Range of Air Purifiers in India

Swedish company Blueair has launched its range of air purifiers for consumers in the Middle East. The new range is smart-home and IoT compatible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the single biggest environmental threat to human health with indoor air being up to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Blueair today unveiled a new Classic purifier series, featuring WiFi-enabled Cloud connectivity. “The Blueair Classic family is a torchbearer for our mission to ensure people everywhere breathe cleaner air in an urbanizing world where it’s in short supply,” said Bengt Rittri, Blueair Founder, and CEO. He added, “Our Classic line has set the gold standard for air purifiers, a 20-year best-seller, now packing more clean air power into an updated, connected device.

The new units include the connected Blueair Classic 280i, 480i, and 680i. All three models are newly equipped with Blueair’s built-in clean air intelligence technology that integrates seamless WiFi with the standalone Blueair Aware air monitor to help consumers better understand what is polluting their indoor air and to ensure they speedily remove the contaminants.

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The Blueair Classic also offers an improved clean air delivery rate (CADR), filtering 20 percent more air on the faster speed setting and a substantially lower noise level and power consumption thanks to improved fan technology. Aesthetically, units are sleeker with a slightly more rounded appearance, have a brighter white finish, and tout an improved user interface hidden by a narrow display flap on the unit’s front.

According to Blueair, its latest range is based on the Blueair patented HEPASilent technology which removes 99.7 percent of all airborne particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, mold and pet allergens. “Households, particularly with newborns whose lungs are still under development, and homes with elderly and members suffering from asthma, allergies, and respiratory illnesses would benefit from this technology. Blueair’s latest range combines award-winning aesthetics, whisper silent operation, energy efficiency and the convenience of connected appliances,” said the company in a statement.

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Blueair also introduced its free Blueair Friend App for Android and iOS, which monitors the in- and outdoor air quality and enables users to remotely control their air purifier. Blueair’s latest range consists of the below models:

Blueair Classic

The Classic range is for the health conscious, technology savvy consumer who does not want to compromise on design. Products are connected and can be voice-controlled by Amazon’s Alexa or remotely, by the free Blueair Friend app.

Blueair Sense+

Swedish designers Claesson Koivisto Rune are behind the Blueair Sense+ family. With an eye-catching color palette, the Sense+ is perfect for the design conscious. Sense+ is wi-fi connected and can be remotely controlled by the free Blueair Friend app, or by Amazon’s Alexa.

Blueair Pro

Blueair’s Pro range provides professional air purification for homes and offices as well as public spaces such as hotels, cafés, and gyms.

Blueair Classic, Sense+ & Pro Series Price list

Blueair Air Purifier prices and product Details

Blueair Air Purifier prices and product Details

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