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Best Football Apps 2019/2020 Season

Smartphones have revolutionised how we interact with our favourite sports. Whether it is checking results, playing games, or learning more about the game, everything is now available at the touch of a screen. Football is the world’s most popular sport and its fans have benefited in many ways from this explosion of app technology. In this article we are going to look at the top football apps available on smartphones.


Social442 is the smartest way for you to follow your favourite club, or rather, it is designed in away to save you time so that the best content from around the web follows you. Choose your club, preferences and favourite players so that Social442 will scan the web and bring to you the best content from over 1000 sources including from the BBC, Yahoo and Sky Sports. Whilst it has the essentials of fast live scores and notifications, the platform is also interactive, encouraging users to create football formations, suggest players to buy and rate players etc… It is available on the Iphone and also Android.  After reviewing the platform, we are delighted with performance of the platform especially its interactive content and frequent news updates for smaller clubs too.

Social442 is a fast-growing social network specifically designed for football fan interaction, and we can confirm that is has far more news update than its competitors, as they claim.

New Star Soccer

There are a ton of football games available for the smartphone including games from the official FIFA franchise. What sets New Star Soccer apart from the rest is its retro graphics and sense of humour. You play as one player and follow him throughout his career. Not only do you manage his on pitch performances, including choosing goal celebrations, you also manage his off pitch activities such as going to the casino and buying houses, cars and private jets. The Guardian stated New Star Soccer is “the kind of game you’ll miss tube stops for.”


Football magazine FourFourTwo put this as the number 1 football app for fans. Football is a global sport with many fans following different teams around the world. Livescore allows fans to check the results, current scores, and line-ups from any match being played. FourFourTwo states, “when all you want to do is check some scores sharpish, Livescore should be your only port of call.”

Official Premier League App

The Premier League is the most widely watched league in the world. Fans from all corners of the globe are eager to get every bit of information on the latest results, news and transfers. It’s also the most unpredictable league in the world as last year, relative newcomers to the Premier League Leicester City went onto clinch the title. Nine months on and Luke Moore a contributing writer for Betfair documented how the enigmatic Italian Claudio Ranieri was relieved of his duties as manager. It’s for this reason that the league is also pegged as the most exciting and cutthroat of all top European leagues. Last August the Premier League launched its own official app. The apps is free to download and regularly updates results and news from the league. One cool feature of the app is that it allows players to create their own fantasy Premier League team. The app also features in-depth historical profiles on players and clubs making it the ultimate source of Premier League info.

Football Manager Mobile 2017

The time devouring manager simulator is available on smartphones and allows players to guide their chosen team to football glory. The game features clubs from over 30 leagues from across 15 nations. Football Manager is a colossus computer game and the mobile game has streamlined the main game meaning that it won’t take weeks to complete a season. Many of the time consuming features such as dealing with the media have been stripped back. The game can be played offline so it is great for being played on the move.

The FA Coach’s App

The only thing better than following football scores and playing football simulator games is playing football. The official FA Coach’s App is designed to give football coaches multiple drills to help improve their team’s skills. The app comes with options to select different equipment to use in drills and allows coaches to share their drills on social media. This is an essential bit of kit for football coaches whether they coach school teams, Sunday league teams or even Premiership teams.

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